<MP Vadim Novinsky

Analyst: “Novinsky won’t leave the country because the prosecutor general has yet to call a vote for his arrest, as was the case with mid-level businessman Oleksandr Onyshchenko when his immunity was removed in early July.”



<Col. Ruslan Galitsky, who is said to have previously commanded pro-Russia separatists in attacks in the Donbas has been killed in Aleppo, Syria



Putin is likely to focus on the former Soviet republics not only because of the failures of his broader policies and his hope that no one will contest him there but also because “present-day Russia is ‘a paper tiger’ with a half destroyed economy which can offer the world only hatred, corruption, primitive propaganda, aggression, a declining standard of living and cheap vodka.”

Analyst: "The ban might have a certain impact on the operations of Ukraine’s leading poultry producer and grain farmer MHP (MHPC LI, MHPSA), but the effect is likely to be negligible.”


This was four months after he had marched into Havana and two years before he would openly declare himself to be a Marxist-Leninist.


Investigation by the Petersburg Observers group shows that the Russian government continued losses in Ukraine and Syria are covered up lest Russians come to recognize what the true cost of Putin’s wars are for them, especially given Moscow’s denial of Russian involvement in the former and downplaying of its ground role in the other.


<A new report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) shows arms sales decreased last year. But that doesn't necessarily mean we are moving toward a more peaceful world.



It's about more than little green men.


<Sen. John McCain, one of Ukraine’s strongest advocates in the U.S. Congress


The same legislation, sponsored by McCain, earmarks USD 350 million in defense spending for Ukraine in the 2017 budget, an increase from USD 300 million in 2016.


Analyst: “Radekhiv's strengthened market position might entail a potential loss of market share of 1% to 2% for Astarta in the mid-term.”



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