Photo: Participants in the youth programming at the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter's symposium on the 75th anniversary of Babi Yar in Kyiv on September 25, 2016.


Photo: The BlackBerry Classic smartphone, an updated version of the PDA-style phone that made the company so popular pre-iPhone. Photo: Bloomberg


That the Kremlin has chosen to lie is nothing new – under Putin, it has rarely done anything else when confronted by unpalatable facts – and that his opponents hope that the West will at long last recognize the criminal nature of his regime and of Putin personally is also nothing new either.


Photo: Arseniy Sivitsky, the director of the Minsk Center for Strategic and Foreign Policy Research

Open Media will support five to seven projects, providing between 3 and 30 million rubles (around $50,000 to $500,000) of funding to each. In addition to accepting applications from journalists, the commission is interested in project proposals from people who don’t have direct experience in the field, including activists and public figures.

He [Gauck] told an evening ceremony marking the 75th anniversary on the outskirts of Kyiv, that Germany's then-Wehrmacht army "played the largest role in this mass murder" that caused "inexpressible suffering."

Analyst: “Martynenko’s scandal – in which Swiss and Czech law enforcement officials are involved – caused much damage to the reputation of former Prime Minister Yatsenyuk (a close associate) and should have made him an untouchable in Ukrainian politics. This is evidence that the tight-knit clique of oligarchs and their political executives in government remains firmly in place.”


Photo: Mykola Martynenko


Delivery of lethal weapons decision will have to be made by new administration after U.S. presidential election


Photo: Night vision devices to be provided to Ukrainian army


A historical document was signed Sep 19, 2014 by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Colonel-General Valery Heletey, Minister of National Defense of Poland Tomasz Semonyak and Minister of National Defense of Lithuania Juozas Olekas for creation of a joint Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian brigade.


Kernel loss pulls WIG Ukraine index into negative territory

During the visit, Secretary Pritzker will meet with Ukrainian leaders and Members of the Ukrainian Rada to discuss progress on the country’s economic reform agenda.


Photo: U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker

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