A year has gone by – but nothing has changed. In his annual gab-a-thon presser Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spent several hours singing many of his most time-honored refrains, most having to do with what the Russian forces have big-footed in and broken – and now expect the West to pay for repairing the damage. 


Analyst: “Because Metinvest’s rationale for visiting the markets is reportedly to relax the restrictions on dividend payments, we think that S&P’s ‘comfort and visibility on financial policy’ will need to be revisited if Metinvest indeed conducts a restructuring/refinancing”.


An S-400 air-defense system


Analyst: “We expect the hryvnia will stay in the current range of UAH 28.5/USD in the upcoming weeks with likely potential strengthening to UAH 27.5-28.0/USD in February-March.”


By feeding his visions for the future to a well-regarded contemporary, the prolific inventor offered a peek into his brilliant mind

In spite of ongoing armed conflict in the Donbas, investors continue to demonstrate confidence in the Ukrainian economy


“All bubbles burst with mind-numbing swiftness, so if you’re going to stick with your Bitcoin investment to ride along for any potential future gains, at the very least, make sure you have an exit strategy.” 

Photo: Russian ship Steregushchy, thought to be the type of vessel possibly underway to open a new naval base in Sudan on the Red Sea.

The city-state has been positioning itself as a hub for fintech - or financial technology - but has urged "extreme caution" about buying cryptocurrencies.



Cryptocurrency exchange company EtherDelta faces a problem as millions of its bitcoins frozen.

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