Analyst: “Despite the postponement of the IMF loan tranche, we still expect this year at least USD 1.0 bln from the IMF and EUR 0.6 bln from the EU.”


The letter X was painted on the Star of David emblazoned on the monument near the western city of Ternopil.

Zeman’s visit to the Trump White House is another big win for the Kremlin. Russian propaganda will surely spin their favorite story of Russia-friendly President Trump meeting with another Russia-friendly EU leader to get on board the Russian vision for Ukraine.

The President told assembled troops, “You serve Ukrainian people honestly, qualitatively and selflessly,” during visit to the territorial command of the National Guard and the command of the National Guard in the ATO area.



Russia's beautiful launderette

“The events may mean that Vladimir Putin has launched ‘a major diversion’ in preparation for an expansion of his attacks on Ukraine.”


Photo: Avraam Shmulyevich

Patriarch Sviatoslav is engaged in a pastoral visit to Ukrainian Greek Catholic Churches in Argentina and Paraguay beginning with services in the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin in Buenos Aires.


March 24, 2017


In this Daily Vertical, Brian Whitmore suggests that the assassination of former Russian State Duma MP Denis Voronenkov in the center of downtown Kyiv was far from unique. Whitmore points to other similar events that seem to have become the Kremlin’s modus operandi in dealing with those who choose to publicly disagree with the current Kremlin line.

“Until some kind of political breakthrough, there is a risk that chaotic events will continue in Ukraine.”


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Aleksandr Boroda (in photo): Unfortunately, this is “a quite complicated and slow process,” despite the clear intention of the Russian law on this point.



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