Analyst: “We expect real retail sales to rise 7-8% in 2018, as private consumption will be the major contributor to economic growth.”


Concorde analyst: “…we consider S&P’s view of the Ukrainian currency strengthening in 2020-2021 as very optimistic.”



Analyst: “…we believe concerns about Ukraine’s solvency will emerge already in June-July 2018 if there is no positive news on IMF cooperation by that time.”


Photo: In an amended complaint, the commission charged Raymond Trapani [pictured], a Centra co-founder, in the scheme, naming him the “mastermind.”


Four apartments in 199 Knightsbridge have been linked to the gang


Analyst: “We view the deal as an outstanding success for Metinvest because the holding managed not to overpay for the METINV'21 Eurobond (the price of 105.25% is at the very low end of our 104.9-109.1% range for the fair value) and to place its new Eurobonds at low spreads to Ukraine’s sovereign curve (120-150 bps).”


Iran has been actively exploring the development of its own blockchain-based, state-issued cryptocurrency, following the likes of Venezuela’s own oil-backed ‘Petro‘ as a means to circumvent economic sanctions. 


Daniel Masters [pictured]  recently touted bitcoin as “the play” of 2018 before the cryptocurrency market had begun to turn around. He said then that he liked ICO issuers with “non-forkable/blockchain specific ideas.” Masters has reportedly owned bitcoin since 2012 when it was trading at $100. 


Photo: Monument to Warsaw Ghetto Heroes


Credit: Harshil Shah via Flickr

A new article on the Russian7 portal says: “Why was the Kuban joined to Russia in 1924?” a question that the site answers in a way that explains why there is more reason for Ukrainians to view this area as Ukrainian than there is for Russians to view the Donbass as Russian.


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