President Donald Trump has received strong support from some Israeli sources for his movement of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. However, a headline in today’s edition of Haaretz reads: 'America's Enemy:' Trump's Ghostwriter Backs Claim Trump Has Been Russian Asset for Thirty Years


Analyst: “The most likely scenario to emerge in Ukraine’s parliament after the October 2019 vote is a pro-Western coalition government, and a Russian-oriented opposition led by Yuriy Boyko and the Opposition Bloc.”


The price of BAT surged by a larger margin than 0x because while the listing of 0x was highly anticipated by the crypto community, given the involvement of Coinbase founding members in the 0x Protocol and the company’s recent acquisition of Paradex, BAT wasn’t being discussed as potential candidates for Coinbase listing.

"This is a real hot war because of Russian aggression in the east of my country. This is sovereign Ukrainian territory and Russia is sending troops there to kill Ukrainians," Poroshenko stressed, recalling casualties among the military and civilians in the Donbas.



The indictment targets 12 Russian intelligence officers for engaging in a sustained effort to hack networks of Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the Democratic National Committee, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. All 12 are members of the GRU, Russia's intelligence service, according to the court filing.


Commodity Cues

  • West Texas Intermediate crude was flat at $70.36 a barrel.
  • Brent crude traded 0.1 percent lower at $74.37 a barrel.
  • Gold slid 0.1 percent to $1,246.25 per ounce.


Recently, Forbes composed a list of the 50 largest public companies that are exploring how to integrate blockchain within their offerings. The news giant attributes it to American Express’s efforts to revamp its membership program using Hyperledger’s blockchain, without any mention of the patent. 


Analyst: “The ministry’s forecast looks quite optimistic, assuming an IMF loan tranche will be received, as well as other lending from IFIs, which in total should provide up to USD 3.3 bln.”

In comments to the media, Changpeng Zhao, Founder and CEO of Binance explained that Founders Bank would be the first decentralized and community-owned bank in the world. 


Analyst: “We see no effect on Motor Sich fundamentals from the loss of the plant, even without compensation for Motor Sich, which can only come as a benefit.


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