Senior officials in Ukraine are forming a new working group on cryptocurrency regulation, the government announced on Thursday.

With his thirst for adventure, his rags-to-riches success story, and his progressive political ideas, London’s stories mirrored the passing of the American frontier and the nation’s transformation into an urban-industrial global power.


Authoritarian regimes “do not fall by themselves,” and they do not fall when they first face public opposition, the commentator says. Instead, they collapse as wave after wave of opposition appears and as their opponents become more radical in their criticisms and in their demands. That was true of the Russian Empire and of the Soviet Union, and it is very much true of Iran now, [Avraam] Shmulyevich says.


Analyst: “The only pronounced effect for the noteholders is a further complication with trading the Eurobond because calculating and settling the accrued coupon might require more effort.”


Eriauchenius milajaneae is one of the 18 new species of pelican spiders from Madagascar described by scientists. This species was named after Wood’s daughter, and is known only from one remote mountain in southeast Madagascar. (Hannah Wood)


Analyst: “Unfortunately, there has also been an uptick in military action in Donbas despite the holiday ceasefire and this can also be expected to intensify.”


Protesters block the border at Rava-Ruska on January 10


Centerenergo (CEEN UK) and Motor Sich (MSICH UK) extended their winning streaks and are up 15.4% and 15.6% respectively over three days.”

Although Google has decided to stop selling the Pixel C Android tablet [shown], it will continue to provide hardware support to the tablet. No fear; your new toy, the Pixelbook appears soon.


“…publication of the ruling itself comes at a time when Ukraine’s law enforcement and judiciary system is already in the international limelight for its poor performance and corruption, and the self-inflicted damage only continues.”


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