“When the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the EU stopped financing Ukraine, it was a clear sign of their dissatisfaction. But we have to show that there is an alternative. That's the main thing now,” Saakashvili says.


“My forecast for 2018-2019, given that this year is a pre-election year [presidential election are scheduled for the spring of 2019 and general election for the autumn], there will be no significant investments in our country,” Mr Kushniruk told UNIAN. 


Photo: Odesa Seaport Facilities


Analyst: “For 2018, we project a 6.1% YTD monetary base increase (vs. 4.6% YTD in 2017).”


Unilever wants Google and Facebook to do a better job in filtering negative content online and on social media platforms.



The Commission on the Observance of Religious Freedoms United States has analyzed how these freedoms are respected in Russia, and, as a result, suggested that Russia be included in the list of nominees for sanctions.

Analyst: “…the quarter is a bit better than our estimate of 2.0% yoy for 2017 GDP growth. We retain our view that real GDP will accelerate to 3.3% yoy in 2018.”



Bitcoin now has a market cap of $166.8 billion, which has enabled its market share to tick up to 35.3 percent.

JKX Oil & Gas plunges 4.2% bringing the two-day loss to 13.2%


Ondiflo will deliver efficiency to processes, which today are still largely manual and paper-based, like field ticketing or bill of lading, and are ready for the blockchain.


Additionally, Ukrainian-born Savchenko, a bronze medallist at Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014 alongside Robin Szolkowy, has equalled the Olympic record of winning a medal in the event at three successive Games - held by six different people.


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