Implementation of the program would transform Ukraine’s transport infrastructure over a 12-year period


Photo: European Union


Analyst: “We agree with Vorobiov’s position that Russia needs a political solution to retake control of Ukraine, given that its military attempt has failed. And the Russians know full well that the 2019 elections will be as good a chance as any to bring Ukraine back into its geopolitical orbit, or to dissolve Ukrainian statehood altogether.”


Photo: Captured Russian military hardware on display in Kyiv in 2015

Today, the Bithumb team officially confirmed that it has lost $30 million in its hacking attack and its developers and security team have started the recovery process of customer assets.


Analyst: “We continue to view securing the next IMF loan tranche as the key precondition for Ukraine's financial stability for the next two years. Therefore, we continue to expect that Ukraine’s power brokers will make the efforts to secure the tranche by the end of July.”


Now there is a new worry: the sell-off of much of the forested land to China, Beijing’s harvesting of almost all of it, and a looming environmental disaster as a result of the destruction of animal habitats and drainage systems, something compounded by Moscow’s recent announcement that it lacks the money to fight fires in forests that are left.


Analyst: “For Naftogaz, all this means that the company shouldn’t count on a fast recovery of money awarded by the Stockholm court. Meanwhile, it will have to continue spending money for further litigation in different jurisdictions.”


Investors in both the global cryptocurrency market and the exchange market of South Korea initiated a sell-off of digital assets out of fear that the Bithumb hack may trigger a short-term downtrend.


Bayer-Monsanto takeover approved by Competition Commission of India



A volunteer pitches in to reset toppled headstones in the historic Jewish cemetery in Mariupol, Ukraine.


According to the prosecution, Shulaya‘s gang operated in five states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Nevada. Most of his gang members were born in the former Soviet Union and maintained ties with associates in Georgia, Ukraine, and the Russian Federation.


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