“The consequence of…short-sighted changes in the Tax Code is a benefit to notaries and other business registration entities, but has created problems for thousands of religious organizations, whose statutes are not considered by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and local administrations in violation of the terms, both because of the employees overload and for political reasons.”


Sugar producer Astarta (AST PW, +1.2%) up 12.1% over five Warsaw sessions

Hybrid deportation from Crimea 2017/7/26 14:49:56

It is specifically freedom that is the primary unifying value here. It not only unites various people around Ukraine, but separates them from Russians who presumably do not value freedom of thought or conscience. 

The Putin regime is famous for railing against Nazi’s and Nazism. That has no impact on their habit of following the Nazi “Big Lie” precept. Case in point. Putin continues to argue that federalism is a brilliant government plan – while removing the last vestiges of federalism from the so-called Russian Federation. However, Putin remains a very firm believer in federalism – for Ukraine – as his bright idea to keep Ukraine weak and fragmented.

Jehovah’s Witness leaders warn that the sweeping and totally unconstitutional decision of the Russian Supreme Court opens the way to the suppression of any religious group that Vladimir Putin’s regime does not happen to like.

Vladimir Putin seems to have won his battle to keep his Middle Eastern surrogate, Bashir al-Assad, in power and now he appears ready to take on moving the immovable object that Ukraine may prove to be. 

The Court came to the conclusion that the Ukrainian authorities had done all in their power, under the circumstances of the hostilities in Eastern Ukraine, to address Mr Khlebik’s situation. Notably, they had duly examined the possibility of restoring his case file.


World Games organisers praise Wrocław ticket sales with 70 per cent sold

He is Dennis Christensen, a Danish Jehovah’s Witness who has been living in Russia for some time and has now had his detention extended for another four months, who has thus become in the words of Anton Chivchalov, “the first political prisoner on purely religious grounds in Russia since the 1980s”

Analyst: “While we see a risk of some equity price weakness following publication of recent results, we are keeping our positive view on the equity of Ovostar, the least leveraged and one of the most fundamentally stable companies in Ukraine’s investment universe.”


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