For a mass media program, the segment gave a respectable high-level description of how blockchain technology works, as well as its ability to “possibly improve security, efficiency, and trust.”

Ukraine-born Oksana Masters is bringing home Paralympic gold from Pyeongchang for the United States, her adopted homeland


Analyst: “We remain bullish on MHP stock, while at the same time cautious that the Doux deal could bring as many risks as growth opportunities.


On the LSE, Regal Petroleum (RPT LN) surges 14.4%.


With several of the major players already having agreed to cooperate and provide full confessions of their part in the money laundering and other illegal activities uncovered by the special counsel’s probe in the United States, Paul Manafort [pictured] is under relentless pressure to tell what he knows about the sources of the approximately $80 million he allegedly laundered. *


In an interview with NBC News that was seen on the NBC Television network in the United States and also seen worldwide on cable and satellite systems, Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a statement that will be viewed by many as anti-Semitic.


Double agent Sergei Skripal was poisoned with a little-known nerve agent from a group of chemical compounds known as Novichok. The Soviets once developed these weapons to circumvent the Chemical Weapons Convention.


Photo: British Army hazardous substance specialists investigating the Skripal case.

UBO: It is unclear how this switch might impact on US-Ukraine relations since there is no evidence that Mike Pompeo has any particular knowledge or background on Ukraine’s situation as the main front line state facing Russian aggression.


Photo: Rex Tillerson (left) and Mike Pompeo

It is indicative of the nature of Moscow’s threat to the nations around it that the only two countries in the world whose national anthems begin with the assertion that our people and state have not yet died are neighbors of Russia, Poland and Ukraine; and, thus, it is intriguing that one Ukrainian deputy is now pushing for new and more affirmative language.


Analyst: “We do not expect consumer inflation to slow down significantly until 2H18, when the positive effects of tight monetary policy amid increased food supply start to show up. CPI will increase 8.9% YTD, or 11.8% yoy in 2018, according to our projections.”


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