“…it is probably the biggest mass grave in Ukraine where dozens of thousands of innocent people were killed. Columns of trucks have been transporting the dead bodies here. According to the testimony of the NKVD official, they executed people in in the basement of NKVD Kyiv regional office at night and then ‘loaded them on trucks, took the neck and legs with special tongs and threw the bodies in a truck’. Then they covered the bodies with tarp and transported to Bykivnia to bury them.”


Anton Herashchenko, MP from People's Front faction, claims that Shuvalov [in photo] is actively participating in promoting Russia as the only descendant of "victorious countries which fought fascism in the Great Patriotic War".


< Ukraine's Deputy Prime Minister and Economic Development and Trade Minister Stepan Kubiv


  [photo courtesy Anadolu Agency]

The parishes loyal to the Kyiv Patriarchate are more active and larger than the Moscow ones, he continues, a reflection of the fact that Ukrainians identify with the former rather than the latter according to sociological surveys. A recent study found only 17 percent of Ukrainian believers identify with the Moscow Patriarchate while 46 percent do so as part of the Kyiv one.


< Archhbishop Yevstraty Zorya


Operational control of the seized assets is being provided by a company under the management of Sergey Kurchenko (closely related to Viktor Yanukovych), a source on the occupied territory told Interfax. 


At 12:25 BST, shares in Regal Petroleum were up 32.7% to 4.2p each.




< The Senate, where the key vote will take place later on Tuesday


Analyst: Following the issue of its new Eurobonds maturing in 2024, the company’s financial position remains stable and it has enough cash to finance the construction of its new poultry complex. 


Analyst: We continue to think IMC PW is one of the top pics in the Ukrainian equity universe.


Korostylov enjoyed a superb day of shooting to defeat rivals including four-time Olympic champion Jin Jong-oh in the 10 metres air pistol final.



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