Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko says that what she calls “a broad attack on the opponents of the president’s team” is underway. She claims that the detention of former Internal Affairs Minister Yuriy Lutsenko and actions against other members of her former government are not a sign of strength but an admission of weakness.

Boxing fans can be forgiven their confusion about who is fighting when, where and why. After cancellation of Vladimir Klitschko’s fight with Dereck Chisora because of Vlad’s injury, there are doubts about the bout being rescheduled. Now, in a move that is probably unique in boxing history, there are reports that rather than avoiding a fight with David Haye, as some have alleged, the UK contender will have a choice of which brother he wants to fight.

With no other candidates coming forward, Michel Platini appears certain of a second four-year term as president of UEFA. That probably is good news for Ukraine since Platini has been deeply involved with Ukraine’s Euro 2012 preparation efforts and already knows all the major players in Ukraine’s effort well.

A Canadian firm says it will begin a 10 well drilling program in Ukraine as early as January. The company claims its superior equipment will be able to effect preparation and drilling much faster and cheaper than the old Russian-style rigs that are in most common use in Ukraine currently.


The Index could break through the 9 euro barrier in the week ahead


Quotas caused dislocations in the market and severe disruptions of logistics needed to move grain efficiently and profitably. A USUBC spokesman said the quotas were not needed in the first place, and added, “Government actions have cost Ukrainian agricultural producers, agribusinesses and the entire agriculture industry hundreds of millions of dollars.”

A decade of effort has increased the level of identification of Holocaust victims, including an increase from 20 percent at the beginning of the process to 35 percent today for victims from Ukraine

For the last 18 months to two years, many Ukrainian employers have been besieged by a large number of applicants for almost every job offered. However, two events – Euro 2012 and an open door for labor in Poland – is likely to lessen the number of job applicants in Ukraine with attending demands for higher wages.

Stock sales should continue through end of year, but futures market nearing doldrums

Born in Vorkuta, in Russia’s Siberia, where his parents had been exiled as Stalin-era political prisoners, Dr. Ilya Yemets gained international renown as a result of performing groundbreaking heart surgery procedures on young patients. His leadership has resulted in the Ukrainian Children’s Cardiac Center (UCCC), which he directed, developing a reputation as center of excellence with the ability to perform surgical miracles for children with cardiac abnormalities. Trained in prestigious cardiac surgery centers in Paris, Toronto, Montreal and Sydney, Yemets has remained in Ukraine, where he has worked tirelessly to improve cardiac care for children, despite numerous offers of much more lucrative employment overseas.

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