Ukraine Business Online feels it has a responsibility to advise our readers in Ukraine and around the world of impending matters of importance. Therefore, we felt constrained to tell you that through the journalistic diligence of the state-owned Polish Radio External Service we have learned that animal rights activists are up in arms in Poland over allegations of “carp cruelty”. This effort appears obviously timed to hit just at Christmas in Poland and could spread to Ukraine, since these are the only two countries where carp at Christmas is a time-honored tradition.

Some preparations for Euro 2012 are lagging but the Turkish-led joint venture firm responsible for construction of Boryspil International Airport’s new terminal D says that the project is fully in compliance with plans for completion in time to handle the expected deluge of passengers for the European football championship series set to begin in June 2012.

UAIndex upswing continues 2010/12/21 11:11:35

Increases in stock prices and commodity futures give UAIndex continued growth

By 2020, a major refitting of the Russian Black Sea Fleet (RBSF) is scheduled to be completed, but that rebuilding cannot enjoy full success without deliberate attention to political issues that concern the Russians. Put simply, Russia’s ability to adequately utilize the RBSF depends upon good relations with Turkey. Both the United States and Russia need Turkey, as the United States found to its dismay when Turkey blocked logistics for the Iraq war, in spite of long comradeship in NATO. Russia certainly understands that Turkey has the capacity to keep the RBSF bottled up in the Black Sea and might from time to time forcefully remind Moscow of that fact.

UAIndex continues upward trend 2010/12/20 11:30:40

Growth in prices of Ukrainian agro holdings and broad increases in commodities keeps UAIndex looking up


Poland and Ukraine are guaranteed slots as the hosts but all others have to fight their way into the championship series

 From the Edmonton Journal, analysis by Dr. David Marples

The Russian Black Sea Fleet is today a collection of aging bottoms, but the Russian Federation’s defense plans call for substantial upgrading or replacement of almost all RBSF ships of the line by 2025. The new RBSF naval hardware on the drawing boards or under construction already includes 15 new combat ships and diesel-electric submarines by 2020.

The prices on Ukrainian agro holdings were up, but not enough to overcome a sharp downturn in commodity futures on the Chicago Board of Trade


  • One out of every 33 persons in the world today is a migrant, as more than 214 million people cross international borders each year. This number has increased rapidly over the last few years (from 191 million in 2005), and the stock of international migrants worldwide by 2050 could be as high as 405 million, the International Organization for Migration reports.
  • The IOM also says steep growth in the labor force in developing countries will be observed in the foreseeable future -- from 2.4 billion in 2005 up to 3.6 billion in 2040, while the labor force in the developed world is projected to remain the same – about 600 million. Populations of developed countries will continue to age, resulting in a 15 percent fall in the working age group, accentuating the global mismatch between labor supply and demand.
  • The International Labor Organization has tentatively estimated economically active migrants to number 94 million, who with their families accounted for almost 90 percent of international migrants. Refugees and asylum-seekers comprise only about 8 percent of the international migrants’ population. Thus, global migration is mainly a labor market issue, rather than a refugee, asylum seeker or public security issue, the ILO argues.
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