In its effort to meet Schengen Zone criteria, Romania on February 3 arrested a large number of customs officials and border policemen, all working on the border with Ukraine. Whether Ukraine is taking similar efforts on its side of the border was not immediately available.


Although the Roman Catholic Church reports a continued deficit of priests’ worldwide and slow growth to meet the demand, Ukrainian seminaries are reported to have an excess of candidates wanting to take the cloth.

Ukraine’s alleged European direction is beginning to look a bit more than tattered as the European Union continues to send consistent messages and Ukraine’s presidential administration seems intent on ignoring them.


Prices for Ukrainian agro holding shares remain strong while Chicago traders pull back from earlier long bets on futures

UBO suggests it is possible to cut out half of all bribes that occur in the country and at the same time to solve Ukraine’s problems with adequate funding for agriculture.

Proposed laws designed to improve collection of employment taxes to meet social obligations could give state badly needed funds but also stifle small business, provide new opportunities for corruption and possibly lead to higher unemployment.

In this analysis by Scott E. Brown, Esq., of Frishberg & Partners law firm, we learn some of the important features of a new law, “On Protection of Personal Data”, dated June 1, 2010, but with effect only from Jan. 1, 2011.

Ukraine Business Online recommends the following analysis by Ilona Bilan, Head, Democracy Advocacy Group of the Ukrainian Center for Independent Political Research (UCIPR) in Kyiv regarding the increases in tariffs for electric power.

Increases in stock prices and commodity futures combine to keep UAIndex on an upward path.

An increase in manganese imports and a much greater increase in manganese exports is seen as a signal of increased economic activity domestically and internationally.

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