Vasyl Mykhailov KYIV, Jan. 12, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) -- The Shevchenkivskyi District Court of Kyiv has extended by two months the period of detention of Professor Vasyl Mykhailov, the rector of th
KYIV, Jan. 12, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) – Ukraine’s Ministry of Health has confirmed 918 fatalities from flu and acute respiratory virus infections (ARVI) in all of Ukraine from October 29, 2009 thro
KYIV , Jan . 12, 2010 ( UBO ) -- Lugansk city council deputy and the Region’s Party member Arsen Klinchayev was detained in Lugansk on January 9 for spraying black paint on billboards supporting the p
Police bomb experts investigate explosion in a park in the center of Kyiv, April 2008. [file photo] KYIV , Jan . 12, 2010 ( UBO ) -- The lack of financing of the Internal Affairs Ministry would likely
KYIV, Jan. 11, 2010 (Ukrainian News/UBO) – Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has again attacked former Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych for his failure to agree face-to-face debate on television. In a s
Election observer Reno Domenico listens to voters concerned about voter's lists during 2007 election KYIV, Jan. 11, 2010 (UBO) – Large numbers of election observers began arriving in Ukraine today in
KYIV , Jan . 11, 2010 ( UBO ) -- On Jan. 9, an Il -76 aircraft upon arrival from Tehran during an unsuccessful attempt to land at Boryspil international airport Boryspil skidded off the runway and dam
The following materials were sponsored by the International Renaissance Foundation and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy, Kyiv, Ukraine Kyiv: Stylos Publi
KYIV , Jan . 11, 2010 ( UBO ) -- Donetsk - based soccer team Shakhtar has occupied the fourth place in a rating of football clubs in the world up to 2009, published by the International Federation of
KYIV, Jan. 11, 2010 (UBO) -- From Jan. 1, 2010 governmental officials, accordingly to the Cabinet of Ministers' decree, should hand all official presents and gifts to their institutions during the nex
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