Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO /Ukrainian News) -- The Cabinet of Ministers has endorsed a decision to transfer individuals’ deposits from Nadra, one of Ukrainian largest commercial banks, to Rodovid Bank, Prime
News and commentary from Ukraine Business Online Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO /Ukrainian News) -- The International Monetary Fund is likely to take a decision on a visit by its mission to Ukraine after the Chr
British Ambassador Leigh Turner and embassy staff at IWCK Xmas bazaar Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO /Ukrainian News) -- Ukraine might join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization without spoiling good relations
Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO /Ukrainian News) -- The Ministry of the Youth, Family and Sports is intending to remodel the Sport Hotel located near the Olympiyskyi stadium in Kyiv until the end of 2011, Yuriy P
Frostbitten hands can be sign of worse to come Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO) -- A total of 45 people died of hypothermia during Dec.17 – 22, 2009, Ukraine’s health ministry reported Tuesday. The highest number
Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO) -- The highest birth rate over the last 18 years of Ukraine’s independence has been registered in 2009, Yuriy Pavlenko, the Minister of the Youth, Family and Sports informed. Acco
Dec. 23 , 2009 (UBO) -- Ukrainian government should not just watch while the Nord Stream, gas pipe line bypassing Ukraine, is being constructed but negotiate the deal with Russia instead, Serhiy Tyhip
News and commentary from Ukraine Business Online KYIV, Dec. 22, 2009 (UBO/Ukrainian News) -- Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, obviously trying to turn up the heat in the presidential campaign, today d
The following was contributed Yusuf Ibili, who develops E-trade projects in Ukraine and is a Business Development Specialist at He is also the author of The Role of Turkey in the Digi
Dec. 22 , 2009 ( Ukrainian News/ UBO) -- The Cabinet of Ministers allocated the ministry of transport and communications UAH 20 million from the national budget's stabilization fund to procure An-140
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