In addition to wide strength on the Warsaw exchange, on the LSE Ferrexpo improved 2.1%, concluding the week at a 10.1% advance. 

<In stark contrast to Ukraine’s action to establish strong protections for persons subject to domestic violence, Russia in on the verge of placing into force a law sharply weakening such protections. For first-time offenders, the bill reduces battery inflicted on a family member from a crime to an administrative misdemeanor, making it punishable by a fine, community service, or up to 15 days in jail instead of a longer prison term.



<Many of the sanctions imposed on Russia can be lifted quickly - with a swift brush of Donald Trump’s pen. But he already faces opposition, with Senator John McCain promising to fight the lifting of sanctions on Moscow.


Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May acknowledges applause before speaking during the 2017 ''Congress of Tomorrow'' Joint Republican Issues Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania January 26, 2017.REUTERS/Mark Makela


Analyst: “Most likely, some part of Privatbank debt to Cargill was bailed-in (with no legal way to recover it) and some part remains due.”

Ferrexpo’s continued strength on the LSE was Wednesday’s only real bright spot

Grand Master Matthew Festing is out of the Knights of Malta following a request by Pope Francis


Here comes the bribe 2017/1/26 0:53:00

In spite of strong efforts, Ukraine remains near the bottom of Transparency International rankings


Ash: “Domestic economic positives have to be balanced against protectionist impulses impacting global trade, and EMs therein potentially, a lose - lose for everyone.”


Waiting Out the War 2017/1/24 14:13:22

The war in eastern Ukraine has uprooted hundreds of thousands of people, forcing them to flee from the constant shelling. Many of them have since found shelter, but they are yearning to return to their old lives.


< Children in the Hope refugee camp in Kharkiv


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