"...the Nativity scene in Ternopil is listed in the Book of Records of Ukraine. It has been installed for thirteen years in a row."

Motor Sich (MSICH UK) leads gainers with a 10.2% climb

The boss of Berkshire Hathaway wades in on cryptocurrency craze, saying: “We don't own any, we're not short, we'll not grab a position in them."

The news special “The Oligarchs” will be telecast on the Al Jazeera network at the following times:


Thursday, January 11 - 20:00 GMT

Friday, January 12 - 12:00 GMT

Saturday, January 13 - 01:00 GMT

Sunday, January 14 - 06:00 GMT


Security patches have been released by tech companies to combat the Spectre and Meltdown security flaws.


Photo: Yuryy Rossoshanskyy has reportedly admitted to killing Iryna Nozdrovska. Photo courtesy RFE/RL.


Workers install photovoltaic panels on the new one-megawatt power plant next to the New Safe Confinement over the fourth block of the Chernobyl nuclear plant on December 12, 2017. Image: GENYA SAVILOV / AFP

Regal Petroleum continues sharp rise for fifth consecutive session at a total gain of 107.3%


Analyst: “We think that this development slightly weakens Metinvest’s position in the negotiations with the markets within the liability management move, which is possible during January-February 2018.”


The US constitutional crisis, U.S. conflict with North Korea, continued Ukraine-Russia conflict and other geopolitical issues are expected to affect markets.


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