Analyst: “…we are looking forward to see a new bond restructuring offer from both Ukrlandfarming and Avangardco. And we retain our negative view on the bonds.”


In particular, the legal entities which are subject to sanctions include the Foundation of Basil the Great and the company “Marshal Capital”. Both organizations belong to Orthodox oligarch Konstantin Malofeyev [in photo] who financed militants in Donbas.


Analyst: “We expect Metinvest will resolve all the issues and start paying higher coupons in half a year. That said, we are keeping our positive view on Metinvest bonds, which are now trading at 94-95% of par.”


"Moving forward, the chair has to be an independent person and Yelena Isinbayeva wasn’t as she was elected by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC). 


Over 1,000 Belz Hasidim recently visited the Western Ukrainian city of their origin

At a time when many in Western capitals seem to have grown tired of the Ukrainian crisis brought on by the Russian Anschluss of Crimea and invasion of the Donbas and want to focus on Moscow alone, Vladislav Inozemtsev’s argument is critical: If the West really wants Russia to change in the ways it says it does, then the West must make sure Ukraine succeeds.


The decree gives legal effect to NSDC rules “On the imposition of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions)”


What exactly are we looking at here? Did the Ukrainians somehow plant a bug on one of the Republican Congressmen during the meeting? Is that how the recording was obtained? Did one of the Ukrainians sneak into the room where the Republicans were sharing their reactions to the meeting? Ukraine certainly has every motivation to fight back against any plot between Russia and the GOP. 



“I am absolutely confident that this is a historical day for the EU. Ukraine returns to the European family. Ukraine says final farewell to the Soviet and Russian empire,” Petro Poroshenko said


The nominee Bishop Edward is a native of the region, having been born in Mostyska, Lviv region

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