"No one can withdraw our European aspirations," said Mykola Tochytskyi, Ukraine's ambassador to the European Union. He is expecting the EU to confirm both these aspirations and the bloc's support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity at the summit.



UBO: The editorial below appeared in the Washington Post. The situation to which it refers is just one of the many reasons that President Donald Trump should, rather than his constant kissing-up to Putin, develop the intestinal fortitude to raise the issue in the strongest possible terms. Based on our opinion on what is about to happen, we believe it would be appropriate to move the Trump-Putin summit to Munich, the scene of the last previous major sell-out by a Western leader to a dictator.


Photo: Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov gestures inside a defendants' cage as he attends a court hearing in Rostov-on-Don, Russia, in 2015. (Sergey Pivovarov/Reuters)


Levko Lukyanenko spent 26 years in Soviet prisons.


Potential factors that may have impacted the price spike include so-called crypto “whales” choosing this moment to place large buy orders for Bitcoin.  


In short, Kirillova says, “the criticism of the authorities here is made only from the unofficially permitted ‘hurrah patriotic’ positions, in exactly the same key that this is done by the sadly well known Girkin-Strelkov and his ‘militant comrades in arms’” from the Donbas front against Ukraine.


The team are calling the new initiative “Ethereum 2.0,” which they describe as a very ambitious project that will likely be rolled out over several years despite being just a single, albeit complex, design. 



Improved corporate governance will bring the banks closer to the entrance of IFIs into their equity, as is assumed by MinFin’s strategy. That allows us to remain positive about Oschadbank and Ukreximbank Eurobonds.


Vitalik went on to predict that in terms of trading cryptos for other cryptos, DEX solutions will someday become the most desirable because they offer a simple and straightforward user experience devoid of registration, web interfaces and account openings.


Analyst: “The NBU’s currency purchase on the ForEx is likely to be scarce again as the seasonal revaluation of the national currency seems to be over. That said, we expect gross international reserves to increase USD 200-300 mln in July.”

BTC currently has a $113.4 billion market cap, which translates into a 42.5 percent share of the overall market.

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