Analyst: “Budget spending will be mounting in November-December, meaning that the monetary base will also accelerate. We continue to project an 8.6% YTD monetary base increase by the year end.”


PayPal for Marketplaces aims to help small businesses improve their online payment platforms.



Analyst: “Ukraine will be able to secure next year the next loan tranches under the IMF’s EFF program but the likelihood of any further tranches is very low, given that parliament approving the launch of a farmland market - as demanded by the IMF - will be close to impossible during the election campaign season.”


What is especially striking to the Moscow journalist is that Russia’s western neighbors from Finland and Estonia in the north to Ukraine in the south are actively building these barriers and that despite the expense and the likelihood that people will find ways around them, “by 2020, the western borders of Russia will be fenced off along their entire perimeter.”


Photo: Final days of the Berlin Wall

Such international players as Trafigura (Switzerland), PGNiG (Poland), and MND (the Czech Republic) store their gas in Ukrainian underground gas storage facilities. 


Lacking a clear strategy for their involvement in the Middle East, Washington is forced to play second fiddle to its “allies”. Trump’s administration’s bold claims against the 2015 Iran nuclear accords and Iran in general only stir up the anti-Iranian block in the region. The conflict is developing in its own way, with the conflicting sides immersed so deep that it proves more and more difficult for them to stop even if they wanted to. 



Analyst: “…we expect that far right, anti-immigrant parties will continue to make gains in European elections, which will gradually work towards Putin’s advantage in attempting to get sanctions relaxed in EU legislative bodies.”



In just the last few days, Vladimir Putin seems to have managed a performance so convincing that Donald Trump actually believed Putin’s claimed innocence of meddling in the U.S. presidential elections. Putin may fool Trump – at least temporarily – but we don’t believe anyone in Ukraine is going to be buying Putin’s rather peculiar ideas of what an acceptable Donbas peacekeeping plan might be. 


Analyst: We believe the “People’s Front is hoping to win a dozen or so single-mandate districts (assuming the election law isn’t amended). However, this strategy has enormous downside risk. The 2019 elections are likely to be the end of the People’s Front party.”

The top seeds saw off Italy to take the sabre world title on the final day of the IWAS Wheelchair Fencing World Championships.



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