Tim Ash: Update on Ukraine 2017/8/4 11:17:04

Ash: “Net-net the macro looks okay for the time–being, and this stability is another reason why early elections might just be tempting for Poroshenko.”

Ambassador Green served previously as U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania, as a Member of Congress representing Wisconsin's eighth congressional district, and, most recently, as the President of the International Republican Institute.


Analyst: “We…maintain our forecast of DTEK Energy’s 1H17 EBITDA at UAH 10.7 bln (rising 3.3x yoy) and our bullish view on DTEKUA Eurobonds.”


Does Putin see, or raise the stakes, in response to sanctions, or "fold" and look to offer some form of concession. Putin's track record is that he only respects strength, and expects others (the DC security establishment which he inevitably respects) to view things from the same lens as himself. Let's see how this pans out.

The Secretariat will continue implementation of the Pope for Ukraine Initiative according to criteria developed by Technical Committee of the Initiative. 


Analyst: “We retain our position treating OSCHAD notes as our top pick in Ukraine’s quasi-sovereign bond universe.” 

The mass consciousness of Russians not simply accepted but was delighted and transformed into a cult of national pride the annexation of Crimea, the aggressive war in the east of Ukraine and the mass murder of the citizens of Syria,” Yakovenko says.  This all means that “Russia is a very sick country.” 



President Donald Trump can prattle on about what he calls “fake news,” but Vladimir Putin goes Trump one better by arranging his opponents for the presidency into fake candidates and non-candidates. With Gennady Zuganov having ruled out another ineffective electoral outing, Putin can depend on Vladimir Zhirinovsky to lead the mostly octogenarian Liberal Dems as a cheering section for his bombastic buffoonery. However, the one candidate who could give Putin a run for his money, Alexei Navalny [pictured], is almost certain to be ruled off the ballot – to avoid possible embarrassment to the eventual winner – and President for Life – or until he gets bored with the job, Vladimir Putin.

Russian musician Fyodor Chistyakov (file photo)


Analyst: “…it looks like the bank has all chances to survive and improve its profitability in the future, which raises the chance for Eurobond holders to claim their investments back if they win the upcoming international litigation against a bail-in made in December 2016.”

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