UBO: Perhaps the time has come for Viktor Pinchuk to change the name for his annual gabfest, the YES conference. Based on recent public statements and actions, we suggest a retitle as: “YES, Mr. Putin, Whatever You Want”. President Poroshenko reacted to Pinchuk’s statements and actions by saying he would not attend the next YES event. Others should follow Poroshenko’s lead.


<Photo: Monica Crowley*


Analyst: “This allows us to expect that Ukraine will receive over USD 1.6 bln from the IMF and EU in the coming two-to-three weeks.”


<EU Ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli


The article below qualifies as today’s MUST READ for anyone with an interest in international affairs – and most especially Russian citizens, whose national budget is being squandered to support the evil regime of Bashar al-Assad. It might be logical if in return Russia was gaining firm control of Syria but Russian rubles and Russian blood is buying nothing except temporary control of limited parts of a country that are no longer under control of Assad. Instead, Assad – and by extension Russia – must deal with the fact that real power in Syria today is controlled by criminal gangs with loyalty only to themselves. If you read nothing else today, I urge you to read the article and to consider its long-term implications.


<Photo: Mohamed Jaber is the leader of the Desert Hawks militia, which is based in Latakia, a stronghold of dictator Bashar Assad's Alawites


Groysman also thanked the Turkish people and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for supporting Ukraine's territorial integrity. "This is really important for us in these difficult times," he added. 


Analyst: “Western institutions will continue to extend sanctions for as long as they can amid the looming populist threat sweeping Europe.”


ARMA is an innovative, first of its kind in Ukraine, state agency. During staff selection process, ARMA will pay attention to the candidates with an experience in related spheres. Thus, candidates of investigators, lawyers specializing in corporate and tax law, tax experts, auditors, bailiffs etc. will be considered to fill in vacancies at asset recovery office.


UBO Analysis: Russia’s plans to massively expand its logistics facility at Tartus, Syria into a major naval base capable of servicing 11 ships carries with it a likelihood that the Tartus expansion will for both political and fiscal reasons have the impact of minimizing Russian plans for its facilities at Sevastopol.


<Photo: The Russian missile cruiser Great Peter makes a port call at Tartus, Syria.


Hacked texts stolen from Paul Manafort's daughters reveal their suspicion of their father's involvement (file photo)


<Paul Manafort

“Visitors were encouraged to take part in a free health check-up which tried to determine, among several health metrics, their risk of suffering atherosclerosis.”  


< A woman and her child wait for a ride out of Sloviansk in August 2014, only weeks after a battle to liberate the city.

[Photo Nolan Peterson, The Daily Signal]


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