In Ukraine, Ma Kai [pictured] will chair the third meeting of the China-Ukraine Inter-Government Cooperation Committee


Astarta up 5.9% over five straight positive sessions 

Casablanca at 75 2017/11/30 13:30:52

The iconic Hollywood movie still draws praise, 75 years after it opened in World War II


Photo: Original ad featuring Casablanca stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart

Three partner banks to finance thousands of energy efficiency projects in Ukraine



Analyst: “…we believe the desire to renew trade with Russia will be the biggest motivating factor for Europeans to relax sanctions, not so much cultural concerns.”


Photo: Polish Cabinet Chief Krzysztof Szczerski


“Let us all, each from our own standpoint, personally and collectively, work to de-escalate tension and cultivate dialogue and mutual understanding, so that the dark chapters of the early 20th century will never reappear before us,” he stressed


Analyst: “…the news is positive for Ukraine’s budget as this was one of the cheapest placements of USD-denominated bonds in Ukraine’s recent history. Meanwhile, it’s good that now Ukraine’s gross reserves won’t fall much in November from the level of USD 18.7 bln at the start of the month.”

Drinking coffee is 'more likely to benefit health than to harm it' for a range of health outcomes, say researchers. Three or 4 cups a day confers greatest benefit, except in pregnancy and for women at risk of fracture.

“Today, the Ukrainian people are waging a fair defense war. Our soldiers sacrifice their lives, health, shed blood for their homeland, they are the ones to counter the aggressor,” the Patriarch said.


Turkey is the world’s second largest sunseed importer.

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