“…if the dominant cryptocurrency fails to hold its volume and momentum in the $9,300 mark, it may be possible for the bitcoin price to record another 2 to 4 percent decline in the next few days.”


[Editor’s Note: We publish the following as interesting reading. However, we do so with the caveat that we have no way of adequately evaluating either the source or the information.]


The destruction of states such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Iran will isolate Russia when its own turn comes

A well-connected source in Moscow is reporting that the delays in construction of the bridge from mainland Russia into Crimea is an indication of the effects of Western sanctions, another reason for maintaining and strengthening the sanctions.


Buffett, a notorious bitcoin bear, continues to badmouth cryptocurrencies but bitcoin billionaires Jack Dorsey, Tim Draper and Peter Thiel beg to differ.



Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson signs a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Science and Technology to bring blockchain technology to the country’s agri-tech sector.


"We are trying to teach our athletes to win the correct way, the legal way," Agapitov, winner of the gold medal in the 91 kilograms category at the 1997 World Championships, told insidethegames here.   


People queue for visas and other consular services at the U.S. embassy in Moscow. Asylum applications surged by nearly 40 percent last year, the fifth year in a row in which there has been an increase in the number of Russians seeking refuge in the United States.

A statement of the company noted that VeChain tokens, also known as VEN, are needed to access and perform transactions on the VeChain network, implying that PwC has bought ownership interest in VEN to actually utilize VEN in collaboration with large conglomerates and corporations.




Anyone who has any doubts about the road that Russia is on – and the one that Ukraine absolutely wants to avoid – has only to read the commentary below from Paul Goble as published on his “Window on Eurasia” site.

Analyst: “Though once thought to be his [Poroshenko’s] protégé, Groysman has charted an entirely independent political course for himself. He's not likely to be prime minister after March 2019, but Groysman will remain a key player in Ukrainian politics for many years to come.”

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