Regal Petroleum (RPT LN) surges 16.7% for the day giving it a 33.8% gain over three sessions.

“Now in the occupied territories, there are 700 Russian tanks, more than a thousand artillery systems, more than 300 MLRS [Multiple Launch Rocket System]. This is more than that of the German Bundeswehr,” the President said.


Photo: Tornado-G", modernized multiple launch rocket system supplied in large numbers to the Donbas separatists by Russia.  


Commodity Cues

  • West Texas Intermediate crude fell 0.1 percent to $74.05 a barrel.
  • Brent crude snapped two-day decline, traded 0.4 percent lower at $77.90.
  • Gold rose 0.1 percent to $1,256.24 an ounce.
  • LME copper gained 0.4 percent to $6,414.50 per metric tonne.



Analyst: “We expect real wages to increase 9-10% in 2018.”

 All American exchanges are closed for the Independence Day holiday but the rest of the world plows on with business as usual


Sberbank recently opened a blockchain lab in Switzerland. Sberbank has more than 20 blockchain-based pilot projects under development. 


No Ukrainian interests are involved with the suit but government officials will certainly be watching with interest since completion of Nord Stream2 will be a very negative development for Ukraine’s pipeline system.



In its determination to deny any claims by the Crimean Tatars to Crimea as their rightful homeland, the Kremlin is providing massive support to Crimea’s small Greek community. Typical is this new statue glorifying Greek history in Crimea and the substitution of schools using the Ukrainian language with new schools promoting the Greek language, all designed to cement Russia’s illegal hold on the Crimean Peninsula.


As investment firms and retail traders develop optimism towards the short-term future of the cryptocurrency market, major digital assets will continue to rise in value. 


Analyst: “We expect the trade deficit to swell USD 10.8 bln through the end of the year (from USD 2.9 bln in 5M18), assuming an almost even growth pace between exports (we project 11.3% yoy in 2018) and imports (11.5% yoy in 2018).



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