Photo: Svitlana Chychyrko at the rehearsal of the performance on women IDPs.


 Photo credit: UN Women/Eugenia Kuznetsova

A museum acknowledges an artist it features was a serial sexual abuser – it’s very rare for the art world to put work in this context, writes Fisun Güner.


Photo: The murder of Joe Orton by the artist Kenneth Halliwell was dramatised by Stephen Frears in the 1987 film Prick Up Your Ears (Credit: Alamy)

Ukrainian prosecutors accuse Roman Nasirov, who was removed from his post on March 3, of defrauding the Ukrainian state of 2 billion hryvnias (about $77 million) to the benefit of fugitive Ukrainian lawmaker Oleksandr Onyshchenko. [Photo depicts Nasirov as he appeared in court, March 2017]


Using 3-D printing technology, Brenda Ogle, an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, has created a patch a doctor could apply to mend a patient’s broken heart.


Photo: A false-color scanning electron micrograph (SEM)* of a blood clot protruding from an arterial entrance in a heart chamber. This type of clot, known as coronary thrombosis, is the usual cause of myocardial infarction (heart attack).


Russia’s Ilya Zakharov held off home favourites Illya Kvasha and Oleg Kolodiy to win the men’s three metres springboard event on day five of the European Diving Championships at the Liko Sports Centre in Kyiv.

The risk of long-term aspirin use causing major bleeding and death is higher than previously thought, with over-75s particularly vulnerable, a study suggests.


Photo: Ukraine’s Anna Pysmenska (ctr) won the women’s 3m springboard title. The silver went to Swiss Michelle Heimberg (l) and the bronze to Ukraine’s Anna Nedobiga




Draft Laws 4128 and 4511 have arisen in the context of a politicization of religion in conditions of the Russian war against Ukraine, and of the flurry of defections from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate. The Moscow Patriarchate may use its influence to close the windows on these two drafts. But it cannot shut the door on the winds of change.

“In other words,” Pashkov says, “the number of militarized structures in the foreign policy of Russia is comparable with the number of people in uniform in the former USSR, even though the population in the Russian Federation is only half as large.”  The Soviet leadership couldn’t carry this burden: ultimately neither will the Russian, he concludes.

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