There is little probability of Minsk II’s implementation in the near term, writes Steven Pifer, and no viable alternative is on the table. Moscow has the power and influence to make implementation happen, but there is no real evidence that the Russian leadership wants Minsk II implemented. Where does that leave things? 


Helping your children develop greater self-awareness assists in developing their emotional intelligence and mental health.


“…Severin Kvyatkovsky says that ‘Russia in principle needs a weak and dependent Belarus” not only in the event of a conflict with the West but in general: Moscow doesn’t want “strong independent neighbors. Therefor the Russian Federation will use any means and situations to achieve its goals.’”


Russian natural gas roughnecks at work


Nine in ten adults who have used it said it was successful.

“When secrecy is truly paramount, go back to communications systems that are still ephemeral: Pick up the telephone and talk.” 


If nominated and confirmed in the job, Huntsman would take the place previously held by one of the country’s most distinguished professional diplomats, John Tefft, well-known in Kyiv during his assignment as U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.


Photo: John Huntsman (file)


Out of 143 participants in the vote, 123 voted in favor of the change


Analyst: “The construction of the biogas facility could help alleviate some of the environmental concerns and enhance the company’s public image.”


Analyst: “…if exports continue to strongly recover, we'll see gross reserves far above the USD 19.5 bln mark (4.3 months of imports) that we project currently.”


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