Analyst: “The tendency promises net FDI better than the USD 1.0 bln that we initially projected for 2017. Now we expect USD 2.4 bln net FDI by the year end.”


The Patriarch of Constantinople [pictured] stressed that there is no justification for the senseless and brutal murder of millions of people.


Analyst: “Poroshenko is more interested in a Russian-oriented parliamentary opposition emerging rather than a pro-Western progressive opposition that is oriented towards a faster pace of more radical reforms. In that context, we view the SBU official’s comments as a possible pretext for authoritarian methods that are increasingly common for the Poroshenko administration.”


A Clue in the Bee Death Mystery 2017/11/29 13:43:22

Insecticides are often blamed, but new signs point to another chemical.


Photo: A rusty-patched bumble bee Credit: Smithsonian's National Zoo/Flickr


On the LSE, Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) slides 0.7%, or 1.6% in two sessions.


In his last appearance in St. Peter’s before his historic mission to Myanmar, Pope Francis remembered Ukraine

Analyst: “We are keeping our initial forecast unchanged at 19.8% yoy growth for 2017 despite the recent slowdown.


Andriy Kryshchenko, the head of the Kyiv branch of the National Police, said the 60 suspects were taken to police headquarters for questioning.

Analyst: “It's very likely the new program will contain even more ambitious requirements. Accomplishing even one tranche will be enough to be considered a success for the Ukrainian government, especially since painful reforms are difficult on the eve of an election year.


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