A target of infrastructure hacks, the nation’s government has a long way to go if it’s to protect itself in the future.

Analyst: “The good news is that the bank remains cash-rich, but its reduced net interest income looks worrying.”


Pastukhov [pictured] concludes, “Present day Russian politics reminds one of a computer game: in it, there are many levels, and one must not jump to the next level without fulfilling the program of the previous one.”


The Russian habit of appropriating the so-called Great Patriotic War as a glorious victory accomplished by brave Russian-speaking patriots has become more intense under the Putin regime with Moscow thundering threats against anyone who – in its mind – defames Russia and Russians by removing some of the grandiose, self-congratulatory memorials that were planted all over the Soviet Union soon after the war. Putin conveniently forgets that the hardest decision for millions of European and Eurasian citizens was which tyrannical dictator to fight, Adolph Hitler – or Josef Stalin.


At the beginning of the congress, Patriarch Filaret prayed for Ukraine's independence and for its defenders who are at the frontline in the Donbas.


Analyst: “With these latest chapters of his controversial presidency, Poroshenko continues to pursue his policy of doing the bare minimum to satisfy the demands of Western institutions for reform and fighting corruption.”


Analyst: “It’s worth noting that the Russian-oriented electorate has risen from previous polls to over 16% with the emergence of the For Life party (compared to 41.9% for pro-Western parties).”


The Administration of President Donald Trump is celebrating the sale of U.S. coal to Ukraine, stating in a news release: “As promised during the campaign, President Trump is unshackling American energy with each day on the job.  This has brought enormous benefit to our nation’s coal communities, and will now also benefit an important international partner.” The release goes on to add: “According to a recent EIA report, U.S. coal exports have increased by nearly 60 percent in the first months of the Trump Administration.”


“All the talks that the UOC (MP) is subjected to harassment and persecution, it is, of course, daydreaming, and this daydreaming is constantly broadcast from Moscow.”


Raiffeisen Bank Aval (BAVL UK) rose 4.1%, finishing the week at a 2.9% improvement, reaching its highest price since September 2014.



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