Assassinated outside the Kremlin, the dissenting politician has become something of a cult figure and is the subject of films, poetry and song







Cartoon by Sergey Elkin, RFE/RL


“Pictures on Moscow television of the Russian bombing of Muslims in Aleppo, Portnikov continues, ‘are worth hundreds of propagandistic statements. And if one wants to name the chief recruiter for ISIS, then I will give his name: This is Vladimir Putin.’  And now he doesn’t know what to do.”


Photo: Vitaly Portnikov


Photo: Part of an S-400 antiaircraft system deployed at a Russian military base in Syria, in November 2015.


Analyst: “…we see significant risks that such military action will prompt Putin to intensify his support for Assad. He could also escalate the military aggression in Donbas, which won’t bode well for Ukraine's struggling economy.”


“My request to you on behalf of my brothers from the past, I ask you to pray and work so our Church could develop, live and in this way glorify God and serve our people!”


The Syrian military says the US missile attack ordered by President Donald Trump on an air base in central Syria has killed six and caused extensive damage, calling it an aggression.


Photo: USS Ross


An EU bill allowing Ukrainians into the bloc for short stays without visas has been overwhelmingly backed by the European Parliament. Amid the conflict with Russia, the deal is a show of closer EU-Ukraine ties.


Analyst: “For the fifth IMF tranche to be achieved, we believe the launch of the agri-land market, the creation of the state service of financial investigations and boosted pension requirements will be more than enough. However, the memorandum's deadlines are not realistic. Given Ukraine's difficult history with this loan program, we think the next tranche will arrive no earlier than autumn.


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