The expanding approvals for pharmaceuticals based on cannabis is good news for Ukraine where the growth of industrial hemp is already developed and expanding.

Asian Cues

Japan’s Topix index rose 0.3 percent.

Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 Index added 0.1 percent.

South Korea’s Kospi advanced 0.6 percent.

Futures on S&P 500 were flat.

The MSCI Emerging Market Index fell 1 percent Monday.

The Aussie traded at 73.39 U.S. cents.

Australia’s 10-year government bond yield was at about 2.60 percent.


First, a further land grab in Ukraine to secure a land bridge to Crimea and total control of the Sea of Azov.  Putin has been building up forces for both, although it remains unclear whether he could take such a step without sparking outrage in much of the West if not with Trump or would win as much support as seizing Crimea in the first place did.



Analyst: “…it’s worth keeping in mind that Trump’s entire foreign policy team consists of neo-conservatives who are very hawkish on Putin and Russia, especially John Bolton.”


Photo: Putin with John Bolton at Kremlin meeting, June 27, 2018*

Analyst: “We take these warnings seriously and see a high potential for widespread civil unrest with a decision to not only grant canonical status to the Kyiv patriarchate, but any attempt to claim the property of the Moscow patriarchate.”

In 2017, the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church marked seventy years in Britain, and sixty since the founding of the exarchate. To commemorate this anniversary, a hierarchical Divine Liturgy was held at Westminster Cathedral on 28 October 2017, presided over by Patriarch Sviatoslav (Shevchuk) and concelebrated by all the Byzantine-Catholic Bishops in Europe. In his sermon, the Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Vincent Nicholas, declared: “How good it is that the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Eparchy remains under the patronage of the Holy Family, but the Holy Family ‘in Exile’ no longer.”


Ferrexpo, Ukraine’s most widely held and traded stock, end June down 16.4% for the month

“World’s Best Low-Cost Long-Haul Airline” says it will add the Tampa International Airport to its route network in the U.S.

VTB Group, a Russia based global provider of financial services comprised of more than 20 credit institutions and financial companies, believes traditional investment banks’ interest in digital assets will increase in relation to the legislative base’s improvement in the sector. 


A Crisis of Ethical Leadership 2018/7/1 20:25:23

The behavior of many Western democracies' leaders could do as much damage to the international order as the ongoing migration crisis or even a trade war. Beyond the cruelty of their policies, they risk strengthening governments like those in China and Russia, as it makes them seen reasonable, even reliable.

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