Christians have had a disproportionately large share of the world’s deaths – 37%. This is especially true in Europe, where the number of deaths is already exceeding the number of births among Christians. 


Analyst: “…the NBU has already developed a comprehensive liberalization concept, which we expect to be codified into a draft law by the summer.”


Russian Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov (right) has defended Russia's responses to anti-doping problems

MP Dmitry Golubov proposes to allow legal abortion only in certain circumstances if the pregnancy does not exceed 22 weeks.

Analyst: “Now that a government agency has confirmed the two acquisitions are in progress, we see higher success for the UAI deal.”



“The photos on exhibition are intended to raise the issue of destruction of sacred objects, according to Muzeynyy prostir.”


Analyst: “The disbursement of USD 1.0 bln, as well as the anticipated EUR 0.6 bln loan from the EU promise further accumulation of gross international reserves, which we expect will reach USD 19.5 bln by year end.”


Amb. Mingarelli: “We are here to help you, and you can be sure that if there is the political will on your side, we will mobilise all our resources to support you.”


Analyst: “…we expect that its February results will be weaker due to halted operations at Yenakiyeve Steel since Feb. 20. But this factor won’t prevent the holding from generating enough free cash flow for all its creditors in 2017. So we are keeping a positive view on Metinvest bonds, which are now trading at 93% of par.”


“This means that companies may now grant restricted stock or restricted stock units to employees in Ukraine and issue the shares or an equivalent cash payment (at grant or at vesting) into a non-Ukrainian bank or brokerage account.”

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