Women were pirates, too 2017/11/28 15:23:26

As women take a more prominent place in the world, history teaches us that anyone who doubted what women could do were off-base from the beginning


Illustration: Pirates Ann Bonny and Mary Read depicted in 1724


Analyst: “So far, the risk that new rates will not be adopted is low, given that blockage of the NERC is very risky for Ukraine’s entire energy system. We expect Ukrainian power brokers will find some solution soon, enabling all the pending regulations to be adopted by the end of the year.”


When: Nov. 27, 2017, Monday, 7:00 PM

Where: Deutsches Haus, 420 116th St.

(off Amsterdam Ave.) 

Yuri Shevchuk will introduce the film and lead the discussion.

In Ukrainian and English with English subtitles.

Free and open to the public.


Leonid Pasichnik, who had previously carried the title of minister of state security of the so-called Luhansk People’s Republic, the Kremlin-financed and supported illegal statelet, appears to have succeeded in a palace coup. Pasichnik claims to have been unanimously elected to replace Ihor Plotnytsky, the original Kremlin-installed leader who was forced to resign on Nov. 24, 2017.


Ferrexpo, Ukraine’s most widely held stock, inched up 0.3%, concluding the week at a 6.7% gain.

"Not recognizing the Holodomor is as immoral as denying the Holocaust," the president said.

This seems as good a place as any to say a few words about the efforts of Paul Goble. In spite of age (which is a problem for all of us) and ill-health, Paul manages to work a schedule that would kill any self-respecting horse and provide an immense amount of extremely valuable information and analysis about the former Soviet Union. We at UBO tip our fedora to the dean of the analysts who keep an eye on the old empire and the efforts of the Putin gang to put it all back together again.


“A promise of EU membership is important, it’s symbolic,” said Ukraine’s Finance Minister Oleksandr Danylyuk on the margins of the biennial summit. “No other country was willing to pay such a high price as we did,” he told Reuters.


The museum will pay attention to the phenomenon of salvation of Jews and Roma during the Holocaust and the cooperation of local residents with the Nazis. Berkhoff emphasized that collaborationism was not a specifically Ukrainian phenomenon – this was the case in all the occupied territories.


In particular, the company is seeking a cross-default waiver for remaining unrestructured local debt for an indefinite period and a waiver for some other debt for an additional 1.5 years.


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