“…the market is in a different state and the global cryptocurrency exchange market has a daily trading volume of $30 billion. The liquidity and volume of the market are incomparable to the levels in 2014 and the involvement of institutional investors and large-scale retail traders has led to various public instruments such as bitcoin futures that have allowed the market to mature.”


Photo: Mati Greenspan, a senior analyst at eToro and a well-known bitcoin expert


Analyst: “…the surge in tax collections might point to the fact that tax authorities are resorting to the methods of ‘manual’ collection, instead of an automatic regime, to meet the plan.”

Ferrexpo, Ukraine’s most actively traded stock slides 2.3% for the day


Less than a week ago, the daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency market hovered around $20 billion. As of May 4, the volume of the market is $30 billion, and as the volume continues to increase, the demand for the cryptocurrency market is expected to rise. 



The choreographer tells Debra Craine what to expect of the Royal Ballet’s first new take on the classic for 30 years


Liam Scarlett with Lauren Cuthbertson, who leads one of the six Swan Lake casts

Photo: Chris McAndrew for The Times


Sport - if a little tentatively - is starting to dip its boots into the world of crypto-currency and its supporting blockchain technology.



Analyst: “Our updated forecast of the external sector, based on the revised data on Ukraine’s balance of payment, aims for a C/A deficit of USD 2.4 bln in 2018 (vs. a USD 2.1 bln deficit in 2017) amid trade deficit growth to USD 10.8 bln (from a USD 9.4 bln deficit in 2017).”


On the LSE, iron ore miner and pellet maker Ferrexpo (FXPO LN) bounced 5.1%.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has reportedly become a strong supporter of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, seeing these as a partial solution to Russia’s problems resulting from Western sanctions


Comcast is betting a lot of cash on the future of blockchain with Managing Director Gil Beyda [pictured] leading the charge.


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