Analyst: “We see some truth to his statements that there’s a looming threat of violence being introduced by pro-Russian forces in the region.”


Photo: Kostiantyn Bryl, the regional administration head


Photo: John James Hughes (1814–1889), founder of the ironworks in Donetsk

Photo: Vladimir Putin (left) with Tatar President Rustam Minnikhanov (right) in Kazan in 2012

“Like the tsar and most of the world a century ago, Putin and his regime still operate under the principles of zones of influence defined in territorial terms. They have failed to recognize that in the world today, the true zones of influence are not about territorial acquisition and control but rather about the spread of influence.  As a result, Moscow has frequently miscalculated and alienated others.”


“It’s an unholy union of two oligarchs against me, who has no money. Now I have no passport, but they’re still scared of me.”


Ukrainians soon will "be not only commemorating Prince Volodymyr, but also celebrating our victory over the aggressor," Patriarch Filaret said, referring to Moscow's support for pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine.


The bill before the U.S. Congress that would limit President Trump’s ability to remove Russia sanctions seems certain to further confuse an already difficult international situation. President Trump will soon be presented the final version of the bill for his signature of approval – or a veto. The votes by which the measure passed the House and the Senate suggests that Trump is unlikely to hazard a veto that would almost certainly be overridden. No matter how many twists and turns we will see, there seem to be no off-ramps on this Road to Chaos.

Analyst: “We project the state debt to reach USD 76.3 bln (75.0% of GDP) by the year end.”


Ruslan Zeytullayev (file photo)

Ukrainian servicemen near Avdiyivka on the front line in the Donbas

 (file photo)


The Malorossia initiative -- a fake virtual state conjured up by a Kremlin proxy that serves the regime's interests, albeit with just enough plausible deniability -- bears all the main hallmarks of a Surkov project.


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