After the Soviet Union seized these islands in 1945, it did exactly what it did in the western borderlands of the USSR: it moved its own citizens from neighboring regions into them. In the case of the Northern Territories, these were primarily Ukrainian people living in the Russian Far East, what Ukrainians refer to as the Zelyony klin or “green wedge.”


Photo: On November 19, 2017, [Professor Yoshihiko] Okabe was baptized in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate with the Blessing of Patriarch Filaret. He is the first Japanese to be baptized in Volodymyrska Cathedral.  



Analyst: “…we remain optimistic about the IMF staff determining the legislation to be acceptable. We also expect that the other remaining demands - a natural gas price hike and balanced budget - will be resolved on Ukraine’s way to pass the next IMF staff review and get up to a USD 2 bln tranche this summer.”


“…a senior Moscow military analyst Pavel Ivanov…says that the Russian fleet as of now has “complete rule on the Sea of Azov” and can “support military landings on many places on the [Ukrainian] littoral” …And that includes, he continues, the important ports of Berdyansk and Mariupol.”


Photo: Ukrainian Navy craft on patrol


Analyst: “This morning, MP Mustafa Nayyem claimed that a compromise was reached last night in forming a joint commission in which international judges have a slight majority, as reported by”


Thursday morning markets – as published in The Week


Analyst: “In June, Ukraine will encounter difficulty with maintaining international reserves, given increased payments on FCY-denominated debt (around USD 166 mln to the IMF and USD 546 mln on a local Eurobond redemption and coupon payment).”



The U.S. also requested some OPEC members to increase their daily output. Just how receptive OPEC members will be to this request is an open question.


The baby was produced through a controversial technique that requires implanting a fertilized nucleus into a donor egg


Photo: Early stage human embryos (Wikimedia Commons/Zeiss Microscopy)

Long established patterns in agricultural commodity trading may be on the verge of a major upset at the Trump administration slaps tariffs on steel and aluminum exports by America’s friends in Canada and Europe. In retaliation, some countries now will be looking for new trading partners, which could provide opportunities for Ukrainian producers of sun and soy.


Analyst: “Securing IMF financing should alleviate pressure on Ukraine’s external accounts. It will also remove the risk of a further key policy rate hike, bringing more certainty to Ukraine’s financial markets.”


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