The political dialogue culminated in the third session of the China-Ukraine Intergovernmental Commission on bilateral cooperation in December in Kyiv, where the two sides signed an action plan on jointly developing the Belt and Road Initiative.


Presidents Poroshenko and Xi Jinping meeting at Davos in January 2017


Head of a UK-registered cryptocurrency exchange reportedly freed after unknown assailants kidnapped him in Ukraine and received a $1 million ransom


Photo: EXMO Finance head Pavel Lerner – Facebook photo



No credible evidence was ever presented to support the Russian separatists’ charges against the scholar who was well-known for his peacekeeping efforts.


Photo: President Petro Poroshenko personally met Kozlovsky and other exchanged prisoners


The document is from the Cold War. But the material it teaches is still being used today by Vladimir Putin’s clandestine cadres.


Early stage start-up Investing has always offered great multiples from 3x to even 50x in a few years and now with cryptocurrencies the market moves so fast that with the right bets you could 2-3x your money in 24 hours. But you have to remember with high reward comes risk and you can also lose your whole investment very fast. 


Disclaimer: UBO claims neither expertise nor offers any advice concerning digital assets that are generally referred to as cryptocurrencies. Our publication of articles on the subject is based on meeting the response of readers who have shown an intense interest in this financial mechanism. Our advice, to the extent that we offer any, is: BUYER BEWARE.


How much have things changed since Jane Austen held forth as the premier novelist is clearly shown in this quote from Vicky Gan’s article: “The lower one’s rank, the more physically demanding the work; scullery maids, lowest of the female servants, were expected to clean and scour the kitchen for 18 hours a day.” 


Illustration: Portrait of Jane Austen, from the memoir by J. E. Austen-Leigh. Image from Wikimedia Commons


How will India’s decision on wheat import duty affect the Black Sea exports?

On a practical level, a new, state provided, medical insurance system will become effective in Ukraine in 2018. All healthcare services, medicines, medical treatments, and examinations covered by the new medical insurance program will be paid by state insurance.


Kremenchuk is the first city in the country to receive financing under PSEEF


Photo of city of Kremenchuk courtesy EBRD

Analysts pick the bitcoin rivals to read up on now: Litecoin, Monero, Neo, Cardano, Ripple, Iota and Bitcoin Cash

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