Average wage in Ukraine in March was UAH 2,923

2012/5/4 10:59:08

According to the service, the highest average wage was earned by air transport employees and financiers

KYIV, May 4, 2012 (UBO) – The average monthly wage in Ukraine in March 2012 amounted to UAH 2,923, the State Statistics Service said, UkrInform reported.


According to the service, the highest average wage was earned by air transport employees (UAH 9,163 per month) and financiers (UAH 6,526). The lowest wage was earned by the workers of the fishing industry (UAH 1,346) and agriculture (UAH 1,770).


At the same time, the average wage in industry in March 2012 was UAH 3,361, which was UAH 142 higher than in January 2012. The highest wage was earned by the workers of the mining industry - UAH 4,667. Low wages were reported at enterprises of the light industry - UAH 1,649 in March.


Regionally, the highest wage in March 2012 was reported in Kyiv - UAH 4,577. It was followed by Donetsk region (UAH 3,381) and Dnipropetrovsk region (UAH 3,042). The lowest wage, according to the State Statistics Service, was reported in Ternopil region - UAH 2,079 per month.






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