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Ukraine condemns missile attacks on Israel

2012/11/21 11:17:46

The current wave of violence has led to the deaths of about 100 Palestinians and three Israelis, and hundreds of people were injured


KYIV, Nov 21, 2012 (UBO) – Ukraine has strongly condemned missile attacks on Israel, Oleh Voloshyn, the director of the Information Policy Department of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced this at a briefing on Tuesday.


“We strongly condemn missile attacks on Israel by Palestine. Such attacks are unacceptable. We believe that a truce in the region cannot be reached if such attacks continue,” the diplomat said.


Voloshyn said that the Foreign Ministry fully understands the need for the Palestinian side to ensure the avoidance of military actions in future. “At the same time, we expect Israel to refrain from escalating the conflict in the region both in terms of overall security and stability in the Middle East, and in terms of the fact that a significant number of Ukrainian citizens are in the Gaza Strip,” he added.


As reported, missile attacks on southern Israel from the Gaza Strip resumed last week. Israel, in turn, carries out air and sea strikes on Gaza, and there were reports on preparations for a ground operation in Gaza.


The current wave of violence has led to the deaths of about 100 Palestinians and three Israelis, and hundreds of people were injured. At the same time, according to the United Nations, the situation in Gaza is deteriorating, and the number of civilian casualties is continuing to grow.


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