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Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions were at the center of the Dieselgate scandal that swamped Volkswagen two years ago, but the carmaker's head of development says that problem is solved with its latest engines.


We talk a good bit about Vladimir Putin – but there’s a very good reason for that. The regime led by Putin continues its efforts to weaken any country – Ukraine in particular – that shows itself to be a functioning democracy that serves the needs of its people – something that the Russian Federation is not now – and will not be – so long as Putin and his cronies run the show.


Huawei surpassed Apple for two months running this summer to be the world’s no 2 phone brand by volume behind Samsung, according to box counters Counterpoint Research.

Astarta’s strong seasonal development appears blunted by state tax-evasion claims

Editor’s Note: The article below represents an immense amount of work by Alya Shandra and others of Euromaidan Press. We recommend that you read the complete article and also consider the implications for Ukraine’s future of a failure to act to secure justice for those whose lives were snuffed out by these turncoats who showed greater loyalty to Russia than to their native land.


Photo: A Berkut officer shoots Euromaidan protesters in Kyiv. Photo: Oleksandr Khomenko, Gordonua.com


Analyst: “We view it as possible that the EU could begin to relax sanctions next year as Russia remains stubborn and EU businesses continue to lose opportunities.


Analyst: “We expect a parliamentary vote to approve the second reading of the pension reform package – the key requirement for the next IMF loan tranche – will occur in time for the mission’s arrival to Ukraine next week.”

Photo: Darya Polyudova – Her mother says her daughter has been subjected to physical attacks and other abuse by fellow inmates and suspects that the prison authorities are behind the mistreatment.


Analyst: “From what we see as the prosecutors' background for the investigation, it is hard to find any crime in selling ammonia among Astarta’s subsidiaries for about USD 280/t, which more or less corresponds to market prices in the region.”

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