If you've become bored with the usual sun-and-sand vacation, we have a 2018 destination like no other.

Photo: Investigators work at the site where Amina Okuyeka was shot dead in the town of Hlevakha, outside Kyiv

As early as 2002, Vladimir Putin was decrying Stalinist repression – with such touching ceremonies as this one at the Norillag gulag camp. However, in 2017 he conveniently ignores – and obviously supports – more sophisticated and corrosive repression that goes on every day.



Analyst: “…we still expect general budget revenues to meet the year-end target of 26.3% growth in 2017. Also we believe the deficit will not exceed 3% of GDP in 2017, in line with IMF requirements.”



China is planning a broader launch date this year for Yuan-denominated gold futures contracts.


Former Donald Trump presidential campaign manager Paul Manafort [pictured]. Manafort can now look forward to extensive and extremely intrusive questioning, first by the lawyers of the Mueller probe. However, this is not just an American investigation, because Mueller’s highly trained legal specialists will be pushing Manafort hard to explain how he earned over $17 million USD from his work for Victor Yanukovych and Ukraine’s Party of the Regions. It is safe to assume that Ukrainian media – television, radio, newspapers and online – will be following this situation almost as actively as the U.S. media.


Practika Otoman 8x8 armoured vehicle with BM-3 Storm (Shturm) remote weapon system at Arms and Security 2017, defense exhibition in Kyiv, Ukraine (October 2017)


The concert was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Jordan, the Day of Ukrainian Language and Writing, celebrated on November 9 and to the first anniversary of the Ukrainian House in Jordan.


Seven architectural monuments in Sambir, Ukraine, will be equipped with decorative and energy efficient lighting systems.


Early introduction of peanuts, it appeared, might be lessening the risk of peanut allergies later in life.

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