In spite of war in Donbas and political chaos, the UX index of Kyiv-traded stocks hits a six-year high


While the cryptocurrency market index rose by seven percent, Litecoin became the lone top 15-cryptocurrency to post a single-day decline.

Photo: General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak talks with Chairman of Finland Parliament Defence Committee Ilkka Kanerva in Finland. 

Analyst: “…the Ukrainian government has a lot to do in order to secure loan tranches from the IMF (up to USD 2 bln) and the EU (at least EUR 600 mln) this year. So far, our base-case scenario is Ukraine will be able to receive these tranches in mid-2018.”

Google just made online shopping easier by launching “Google Pay”. Works via mobile payment, Google Pay is a combined Google Wallet and Android Pay. Google Pay will be usable for public transportation in Kyiv, London and Portland.

“The world must become consistently Russophobic in all sectors, from economics to sports,” Muzhdabayev says. If it doesn’t, “the fascistic majority of Russian society will never recognize” that it is hated not because of who it is but because of what its leaders do and will not see any reason to change.

Historically, it is known that a great role in the development of the Jewish community was due to the fact that Chechelnyk in the middle of the 19th century was a fairly basic center of Hasidism.


Ferrexpo remains in positive mode, up 2.2% to start the week



A bullish pivot enabled the cryptocurrency market cap to climb to $461 billion.


Using corruption, Nemets says, the Kremlin between 1992 and 2013, disordered the ruling stratum in Ukraine, openly the way for Putin’s Crimean Anschluss and his hybrid war against that country.  But now, he continues, the Russian leadership is going after even bigger fish: searching for and finding figures in the US elite ready, willing and able to be corrupted. The Russian commentator cites an article by US-based Russian historian Yury Felshtinsky that Moscow has funneled dirty Russian money into the US “via the Trump organization,” an action that at a minimum suggests the Russian side has leverage over parts of it.


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